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The advancement of systematic Hellenic Studies in America has been an aspiration of long standing for the Hellenic-American Community, but the progress made so far in materializing them has been generally rather slow and meager. The Hellenic Link, which since its inception 25 years ago vowed to commit its resources for a better definition and nurture of Hellenic Paideia in the New World, shares in the general frustration that has resulted from a lack of tangible progress.

It is interesting to note that the number of institutions of higher education in the USA and Canada which are adopting new and broadened programs of Greek Studies in their curricula has been increasing but few of them have been able to reach beyond an embryonic stage of development.

The main reason for the slow growth is obvious: the lack of adequate resources to provide for multifaceted Hellenic studies that would have a wider appeal to the American Society and an appreciable redeeming value on the local and national scene. The multicultural orientation, which is prevalent in the American educational system today, can hardly be expected to allow promotion of a single culture through public funds only.

Under the circumstances, it is all the more essential for all those who value Hellenic Heritage to accept the challenge and grapple with the preservation and competitive advancement of our language and cultural heritage by our own boot straps, our own efforts, hard work and voluntary sacrifices.

The Hellenic Link, Inc. wishes to acquaint its members and friends with the Herculean task required for sustaining Hellenic Education on a larger scale than heretofore outside Greece and Cyprus, especially here in the New World. This task is presently in the hands and minds of relatively few dedicated workers, educators and school administrators. With their cooperation, we intend to bring to the Community their voice, clear and to the extent possible amplified, on the value and usefulness, problems and accomplishments of Greek Study Programs. Let them teach us all about their agony and ingenuity in their uphill effort to be pioneers in the realm of Greek intellect and ethos and heeding their voice, let them lead us to concrete deeds of support of their vital work that nourishes our national soul and existence.

The Hellenic Link, Inc. is committed to offer its own support to the local, regional and national efforts to foster and upgrade Hellenic Paideia in America. In this report, we feature the Greek Studies at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Rev. Dr. Constantelos and Dr. Kantzios , both on the Faculty of the College, are its authors. In the future, we will report on Greek Studies at other Colleges and Universities. They all deserve our recognition, appreciation, support and emulation.

Constantine J. Efthymiou, PhD

President, Hellenic Link, Inc.



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