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Information about THE HELLENIC LINK, INC.

The Hellenic Link of New Jersey, Inc. is a professional association of persons of Greek descent and Philhellenes, whose purposes are described below, as excerpted from the official By-Laws of the organization. The qualifications for membership are also listed. For a full copy of the By-Laws, please write to The Hellenic Link of New Jersey, Inc.

To sign up for membership click here and email word attachment application to info@helleniclinknj.org.

Article II: Purposes

a. To contribute to various programs, projects and activities to aid the progress and development of a democratic Greece.

b. To establish “information banks” of available talents in educational, artistic, humanistic, scientific and technological disciplines.

c. To foster and promote inter- and intra-disciplinary cooperation and fellowship among professionals, both in Greece and America.

d. To seek opportunities for its members to actively participate in joint projects in which their expertise would be maximally utilized.

e. To arrange for the exchange of students, educators and scholars, both in the humanistic disciplines and applied fields both in America and Greece.

f. To sponsor specific programs of training and research.

g. To establish communication with individuals, private and public institutions, Professional Societies, Business Associations and Government agencies, both in America and Greece.

h. To initiate any actions and programs consistent with the organization’s objectives and aimed at enriching the Hellenic Heritage of its members and the Hellenic Community.


Article III: Membership

A person interested in becoming a member should complete an application form and file it with the chapter of the organization in his state/area or if there is not a chapter available with the central office of The Hellenic Link of New Jersey, Inc. Admission to membership is granted at the recommendation of the membership committee by the Board of Directors to all applicants who meet the following requirements:

        Item 1 - Qualifications:

a. Possess four year college or university degree and have a good standing in a particular field of specialization, and

b. Accept the objectives of The Hellenic Link of New Jersey, Inc. and are willing to work toward their achievement.

        Item 7 - Membership Dues:

The presently established annual dues of  $30 for all active members, except for full-time graduate students for whom  the annual dues is set at $10.00, shall continue until amended.




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